Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody Valentine [Official Video]

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Machine Gun Kelly - "Bloody Valentine"
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Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Bloody Valentine. © 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records
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Zoro Roronoa
Zoro Roronoa - Πριν 5 ώρες
this song entered my head, 🔝 and the two of them entered my head too 😍 spam like if one day they will see it
CavemanNinja100 - Πριν 5 ώρες
Was like what the fuck is this...... but its good!!
Marriesa Birjukow
Marriesa Birjukow - Πριν 5 ώρες
Mgk Rock's .. I need s ticket to his next show... Love him
Renato Casadei
Renato Casadei - Πριν 5 ώρες
Sembra una canzone anni 2000. Bravo hai stile, apprezzo;)
Ax T
Ax T - Πριν 5 ώρες
Eminem ended your carrer like a rapper , thank’ s em
Dillon Berry
Dillon Berry - Πριν 5 ώρες
maturity is when you can like mgk and eminem both....
Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson - Πριν 5 ώρες
Couldn’t help but laugh that she put her foot on his face considering he has a foot fetish
Dremillion - Πριν 5 ώρες
You’ve found your flow bro. Rock😈🤘🏾🤘🏾
Makik Lokam
Makik Lokam - Πριν 5 ώρες
Loved it..but m missin the hunger he had during EST
Doesn’t Care
Doesn’t Care - Πριν 5 ώρες
This is like a Ashton and Demi scenario. He’s the tall, scrony big talent right now. She’s the pissy old washed up has been with 6 kids.
DJ JaffaCake2
DJ JaffaCake2 - Πριν 5 ώρες
Krayzie Roach
Krayzie Roach - Πριν 5 ώρες
someone needed her lil limelight back
félix - Πριν 5 ώρες
jaco Kruger
jaco Kruger - Πριν 5 ώρες
Oky he wins.........
Prasanna Tamrakar
Prasanna Tamrakar - Πριν 5 ώρες
Only here because of Megan fox
NUGGER BOI - Πριν 5 ώρες
did he quit rap?
Royvi5 - Πριν 5 ώρες
Sorry not sorry, Eminem had Megan Fox in his music video before MGK did
Richie Wang
Richie Wang - Πριν 5 ώρες
Why does it look like they're in the Clout House
Joseph Rodriguez
Joseph Rodriguez - Πριν 5 ώρες
Bro Eminem made him quit rap 🤣
Destiny the Aries
Destiny the Aries - Πριν 5 ώρες
Been crushing on Megan since Confessions of Teenage Drama Queen. 🔥😍
donald keefe
donald keefe - Πριν 5 ώρες
I probably still won’t purchase the cd...
angel hook
angel hook - Πριν 5 ώρες
2005 me is back ..... get avril on this track it would be loud
Ivyyouidiot - Πριν 5 ώρες
Ok.... one of the BEST music videos I’ve seen in a LONG time. Along with this song, purely amazing.
Mr J Carlos Garcia
Mr J Carlos Garcia - Πριν 5 ώρες
Clicked in because of megan fox. The Song is pretty good thought
Khris Blanchard
Khris Blanchard - Πριν 5 ώρες
Dang. Eminem killed his rap career so he pivoted. And I hate to say this but I really like it
gino pilotino
gino pilotino - Πριν 5 ώρες
i also want a foot of megan fox on my face
Oz Nerol
Oz Nerol - Πριν 5 ώρες
Hope he stay on this kind of music he fits more here than trying hard to be a rapper
Cleo 920
Cleo 920 - Πριν 5 ώρες
Yo solo vine por megan fox 😂😂
jin yi Lim
jin yi Lim - Πριν 5 ώρες
StratosFear1992 - Πριν 5 ώρες
So happy to hear 00’s rock again. Brings back so many memories.
Acuario Calypso
Acuario Calypso - Πριν 5 ώρες
This Guy is like having, blink182, limp bizkit, and eminem all in one. What a talent.
I didnt knew anithing about him before Em dissed him, but he have a huge talent.
I already have listened a few songs from him and he sounds like the top 5 o the mtvs top 20 from 2000. Impressive!
From now he should be called the Time Machine Gun Kelly.
muhammad rizky
muhammad rizky - Πριν 5 ώρες
Come just to see megan, only megan not machine 🤣🤣
James Lee
James Lee - Πριν 5 ώρες
I love this side of mgk, let’s not overlook Megan fox in this though oml 😍
julio frerez
julio frerez - Πριν 5 ώρες
hurl blink 182, tom delong , american pie and everything good that humanity needs to recycle. happy Days.
Pjunnisaq Sulman
Pjunnisaq Sulman - Πριν 5 ώρες
Just asking. Am i back in 2005? All this lockdown is messing with my perception of time. Then, i heard this song.
Dont get me wrong. I like it. Really hopes i am back to 2005 right now.
izzy L.
izzy L. - Πριν 5 ώρες
Jennifer is back
Douchy McDouche
Douchy McDouche - Πριν 5 ώρες
**plays Tommy Lee in a movie once**
Matty Boltch
Matty Boltch - Πριν 5 ώρες
Bruh it's just a blink 182 rip off song
DICKUS BIGGUS - Πριν 5 ώρες
simpin for meg huh ?........ respectable.
rideordieguy rideordieguy
rideordieguy rideordieguy - Πριν 5 ώρες
Rapper? alternative? gangster? Rock? Hipster? which is it
Tracy Hoffmann
Tracy Hoffmann - Πριν 5 ώρες
Fucking love this!!!!
Jeremy Halstead
Jeremy Halstead - Πριν 5 ώρες
Eminem murdered him on wax. So he moves on to this blink 182 bullshit? Lol
Trollin Gremlin
Trollin Gremlin - Πριν 5 ώρες
This is like 1999 rock BLINK 182 SUM41 LIMPBIZKIT KORN
Aliza A
Aliza A - Πριν 5 ώρες
Im so confused i thought he was a rapper
Just a Lauren
Just a Lauren - Πριν 5 ώρες
This song brings me back to 2000.
Jesus Is Fake Our Presidents Are Too
Jesus Is Fake Our Presidents Are Too - Πριν 5 ώρες
This the kind of music his white ass needs to be making instead of tryna rap
Brandon Hall
Brandon Hall - Πριν 6 ώρες
Smashed it yet again. closer to becoming the CEO of music every day.
GoonsMerk - Πριν 6 ώρες
Dennis Msta
Dennis Msta - Πριν 6 ώρες
I hope to see travis in the video💤💤💤
Kii - Πριν 6 ώρες
how Megan looks at mgk just like nothing but him while they're singing tgt in the mv, gosh
Brian TooSavage
Brian TooSavage - Πριν 6 ώρες
SamuraiWolf - Πριν 6 ώρες
*great music*
sound so much like 2007-2009 (without extreme autotune ) mgk got so much hate in after dissing Eminem but for me i discovered a great artist ...
C H - Πριν 6 ώρες
She got blacklisted for speaking out against the misogyny she experienced in Hollywood. That's why we rarely see her anymore. Megan has always been beautiful and *smart* , I wish people could see more than just her looks.
Social animal
Social animal - Πριν 6 ώρες
*Thank god he didn't kiss my girl*
Andrew Masc
Andrew Masc - Πριν 6 ώρες
Pretty cool to see someone completely switch genres actually
Join The Progress
Join The Progress - Πριν 6 ώρες
The good and really bad:
-Megan Fox fixed her face. Whatever the botch job that was, is gone. Looks great again.
-The song is what I expected; really, really, bad modern music. Rip off of 1999's drivel.
Why would people listen to this predictable noise pollution. (Oh; because Fox is in it).
Marleen Taut
Marleen Taut - Πριν 6 ώρες
This is fucking art!!!!!!! 😧😧😧😧😧
Manuel Gallazzi
Manuel Gallazzi - Πριν 6 ώρες
Incapace con il rap, schiacciato da Eminem ora prova a copiare i Blink e i Geenday
Tyler Dolan
Tyler Dolan - Πριν 6 ώρες
This shit raw
Ammar Rizvi
Ammar Rizvi - Πριν 6 ώρες
The Eminem feud actually helped grow his career quite a bit, Eminem failed to destroy this man 🔥
Robert Sullivan
Robert Sullivan - Πριν 6 ώρες
They look like they truly had fun, good chemistry
Lord Of chains
Lord Of chains - Πριν 6 ώρες
Get a Camaro and watch her work on it.
Rilka Boyukova
Rilka Boyukova - Πριν 6 ώρες
Scott Wickline
Scott Wickline - Πριν 6 ώρες
This is what happens to “rappers” when they go against Eminem.. good strategy bringing in Megan Fox lol she brings more views than this song
Fredrick Johnson
Fredrick Johnson - Πριν 6 ώρες
He's not a rapper anymore?
Olivier Gimenez
Olivier Gimenez - Πριν 6 ώρες
Wtf? The rap devil who tried to diss eminem singing 90's punk rock American pie like songs ?
Guala Guala Guala
Guala Guala Guala - Πριν 6 ώρες
do a song with eminen
Tales From Last Night
Tales From Last Night - Πριν 6 ώρες
Lost the battle with eminem so badly he changed genres. Lol. You went from garbage to trash.
Жарас Жортугулов
Жарас Жортугулов - Πριν 6 ώρες
Денег не хватило, что бы поцеловать хотя бы Мэган)
Elena Gomez
Elena Gomez - Πριν 6 ώρες
This gives me major Jennifer’s body vibes
Bradley Faidley
Bradley Faidley - Πριν 6 ώρες
Sommer ray and now Megan fox, I want to be reincarnated as mgk
Andrea Paul
Andrea Paul - Πριν 6 ώρες
So this is where it all started??....
Дмитрий Козлов
Дмитрий Козлов - Πριν 6 ώρες
Gun Kelly 182 ?????
QueenZelda95 - Πριν 6 ώρες
Featuring Megan fox one of the prettiest actresses alive.
Charles Goss
Charles Goss - Πριν 6 ώρες
Am I the only one that forget what a smokeshow Megan Fox is?
Kostas Pantry
Kostas Pantry - Πριν 6 ώρες
Guess he is done with rap songs
Deeraj Raina
Deeraj Raina - Πριν 6 ώρες
Em really killed him with the Killshot.
Gerald Obitts
Gerald Obitts - Πριν 6 ώρες
This guy has real skills that way he's better than Eminem when has slim shady sung a song because slim anus can't sing!
Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan - Πριν 6 ώρες
Mgk just dropped his biggest hit. 10 million in 3 days!
Cody Wright
Cody Wright - Πριν 6 ώρες
This sounds like some mid 2000s punk rock. In a good way. 👍🏽