Christina Perri - A Thousand Years [Official Music Video]

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directed by: jay martin
"a thousand years" is a brand new song me + my best friend david hodges wrote for bella + edward. we wrote it after we so luckily screened the movie + i couldn't be more proud of this song. to all my fellow twihards, thanks for hearing the e/b love :)
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Shiroshi Vithanage
Shiroshi Vithanage - Πριν ώρα
Babies get to sleep after hearing this song
Thank you
bakindu asadap am
bakindu asadap am - Πριν ώρα
its my first time song so beutiful😭😭😭
Alex Fields
Alex Fields - Πριν 2 ώρες
I can't hold back this tears any longer, my heart is about to burst. I can't name her but I've loved you for a thousand more years 🎶
Rizal Malik
Rizal Malik - Πριν 3 ώρες
Nih lagu ngingetin gw sesuatu
tpi apaan yak bisa beritau gw
rasanya jdi kek pengen nangis gitu dengerin nih lagu
entah apa yg lagu ini perbuat ke gw dlu
mungkin ada yg sma di sini
Alba Romero dominguez
Alba Romero dominguez - Πριν 3 ώρες
I love the song and the video. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.
naeri face
naeri face - Πριν 3 ώρες
thinking of this
Harlow Miller
Harlow Miller - Πριν 4 ώρες
Heart beats fast colors and promises how to be brave, how can I love when I’m afraid to fall but watching stand alone all of my doubt, suddenly goes away somehow One step closer, I have died every day waiting for you darling, don’t be afraid, I have loved you for a thousand years I’ll love you for a thousand more time stands still beauty in all she is I will be brave,I will not let anything, take away what’s standing in front of me every breath, every hour has come to this, one step closer I have died every day waiting for you, darling don’t be afraid, I have loved you for a thousand years, I’ll love you for a thousand more and all along I believed I would find you time has brought your heart to me I have loved you for a thousand years I’ll love you for a thousand more
One step closer
One step closer
I have died every day waiting for you, darling don’t be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years, I’ll love you for a thousand more and all along I believed I would find you time has brought your heart to me I have loved you for a thousand years I’ll love you for a thousand more

I love all of you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nehemiah Lennon
Nehemiah Lennon - Πριν 4 ώρες
And and second I forgot that I knew this song
nel-sun studio
nel-sun studio - Πριν 4 ώρες
when i think of this song i think of my crush
Nehemiah Lennon
Nehemiah Lennon - Πριν 4 ώρες
It has a connection of the movie eclipse and I cannot stop singing it
Carol Ferreira
Carol Ferreira - Πριν 4 ώρες
2020 ouvindo agora
Maria Bi
Maria Bi - Πριν 5 ώρες
Sarai Perez
Sarai Perez - Πριν 5 ώρες
The quinceneria balse song
Lowie Jennel Zabate
Lowie Jennel Zabate - Πριν 5 ώρες
I love this song. 🎶🎶😊
Nayeli Gomez
Nayeli Gomez - Πριν 5 ώρες
love this song for my birthday its sooo sweet if u know spanish look up the spanish version its sooo sweet and nice just like this one
Yoki - Πριν 5 ώρες
My friend did a cover of this song. She sounds great! I’m not trying to be a beggar or anything, but it would be greatly appreciated if you check it out.
Dinaele Santos
Dinaele Santos - Πριν 5 ώρες
Love film❤❤❤
Carolina Soriano
Carolina Soriano - Πριν 6 ώρες
Para ti mí abuelita querida 😘😘
sucker_free_562 - Πριν 6 ώρες
My wife Lupe Robles show me this song and it make my heart beat and eyes cry 😭 hard 💔🦋☁️🌹🙏😭😢💦 to be honest it’s 5:59 pm Sunday February 6 ,2020 and I’m
Sitting down With my grandma at the mountain view cemetery in Summer Dino California
Yaelayari - Πριν 6 ώρες
I love the music
Lucas Felix
Lucas Felix - Πριν 6 ώρες
Linda 💓 essa musica
Isma Pibe Azul
Isma Pibe Azul - Πριν 6 ώρες
this song is so beautiful
I've heard her for years
Wynetta Medina
Wynetta Medina - Πριν 7 ώρες
Love this song makes me cry
Ramon Hochoa Martines
Ramon Hochoa Martines - Πριν 7 ώρες
A.R.M.Y ANGELA NECY - Πριν 7 ώρες
2020 ???
juliplay ploy
juliplay ploy - Πριν 7 ώρες
Chepe Gonzales perez
Chepe Gonzales perez - Πριν 7 ώρες
Dala laik si te gustan las canciones románticas
BRK A - Πριν 7 ώρες
I’m 13 years older than my groom. And I truly have waited for him for so, so long. I dreamt of him for 6 months before I even knew he existed. He saw a light over me the first time we met. I am going to surprise him and ask him to dance with me to this sometime during our reception on 4/17/20!!!
dominic spiller
dominic spiller - Πριν 7 ώρες
This song is more relevant today then it was when it was released, the world we live in is toxic and full of hate but remember to keep shining bright in 2020
Bruno Picco
Bruno Picco - Πριν 7 ώρες
the film is not good but the music ... it is incredible
Donabell Cuyno
Donabell Cuyno - Πριν 8 ώρες
Sueli Mendes da silva
Sueli Mendes da silva - Πριν 8 ώρες
Amo esta musica de paixao 😍
Ariana Abanto
Ariana Abanto - Πριν 9 ώρες
I love this song ❤
Like if you too
👇🏻😘😉 thank you
DV Info
DV Info - Πριν 9 ώρες
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God bless you n your family.
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Lil Asiaa
Lil Asiaa - Πριν 10 ώρες
Omg !! 🥺🥺 I love this song sooo muchhh 🖤✨ this gonna be my wedding song 😊❗.
Xander Cage
Xander Cage - Πριν 10 ώρες
When I hear this song I feel cold in dark
Joseph Balini joesteri
Joseph Balini joesteri - Πριν 11 ώρες
So much candles that capable of burning the room in a minute
Sabari Karthik Saravanan
Sabari Karthik Saravanan - Πριν 11 ώρες
Hanaa N. Al-Shareef
Hanaa N. Al-Shareef - Πριν 11 ώρες
if by chance you’re reading this, i love you banah.
Kai Galaxy gamer
Kai Galaxy gamer - Πριν 11 ώρες
Sunny Vishwakarma
Sunny Vishwakarma - Πριν 11 ώρες
Luciano Da Mota
Luciano Da Mota - Πριν 12 ώρες
Gosto muito da sua musica
Hillcupcake Bonnie
Hillcupcake Bonnie - Πριν 12 ώρες
my mom got meried to this song
My Memes
My Memes - Πριν 12 ώρες
use this song with a train trust me it will be good
Lejla MSP
Lejla MSP - Πριν 12 ώρες
2011: ~This song is so beautiful~
2012: ~This song is so beautiful~
2013: ~This song is so beautiful~
2014: ~This song is so beautiful~
2015: ~This song is so beautiful~
2016: ~This song is so beautiful~
2017: ~This song is so beautiful~
2018: ~This song is so beautiful~
2019: ~This song is so beautiful~
2020: ~This song is so beautiful~
We will never forget about this 🎶🙏💓
Harlow Miller
Harlow Miller - Πριν 12 ώρες
I’m literally gonna watch all of the twilight movies right after I listen to this. Anybody else?
Harlow Miller
Harlow Miller - Πριν 4 ώρες
Apollyon Rev911
Apollyon Rev911 - Πριν 12 ώρες
Love this song and love Twilight for a thousand years.
Tuli 10
Tuli 10 - Πριν 12 ώρες
2020?? :)
Ariana Abanto
Ariana Abanto - Πριν 9 ώρες
Yes 😉👌🏻
Anna Ochalek
Anna Ochalek - Πριν 13 ώρες
It's amazing
Andrew Vega
Andrew Vega - Πριν 13 ώρες
That is a lot of candles it's like a thousand years ago
Md Arman Hossain
Md Arman Hossain - Πριν 13 ώρες
E m i l y G a c h a s t u d i o s
E m i l y G a c h a s t u d i o s - Πριν 14 ώρες
2011 : Great song i love it!
2012 Great song its amazing
2013 : I love it !
Thu Trang Hà
Thu Trang Hà - Πριν 14 ώρες
" I love you for a thousand years" leads to " I love you 3000". Right?
Liza Newarni
Liza Newarni - Πριν 14 ώρες
Wiki kisiel
Wiki kisiel - Πριν 14 ώρες
i love it
Gamer Roblox Cristina
Gamer Roblox Cristina - Πριν 14 ώρες
Geneve Dy
Geneve Dy - Πριν 14 ώρες
i miss you pa..
Samera Younis
Samera Younis - Πριν 15 ώρες
Expatmom K
Expatmom K - Πριν 15 ώρες
If I owned a country this would be the anthem 😍
Richest Man
Richest Man - Πριν 16 ώρες
$1000 usd can date a day i dont have just gimme a sec love is forever .